A/N: So, it turns out I’m kind of obsessed with the prospect of Sam, Mercedes, their dog, and domestic life. I can’t stop thinking about it. So here…I don’t even know what this is. It just wanted to be written. It’s like pre-LW, but not LW? Lol. Okay.

::: In which Sam and Mercedes have different ideas about McConaughey’s sleeping arrangements…and Mercedes reflects on sleeping arrangements in general.

“Alright,” Mercedes said, the word wrapped around a forceful yawn. Her eyes closed and her hands flew up to cover her mouth, causing both Sam and McConaughey, who was curled up next to Sam on the couch, to turn to her.

“I have an early day tomorrow. I’m going to bed,” she said finally, lowering her hands from her face. She angled her head, leaning over to kiss Sam’s lips before lifting herself from her spot against his chest and extracting herself from the cocoon of blankets they’d been tucked under watching The Facts of Life.

McConaughey immediately perked at the movement and jumped off the couch to stand at her feet, bumping his nose into her leg, and though Mercedes still tended to think he was gremlin looking little thing, she couldn’t deny she was kinda sorta maybe starting to develop a soft spot for the thing.

She bent, reaching over to run her hands over the dog’s messy fur, ignoring the knowing smile blooming on Sam’s face at the sight. Just because she was maybe sorta kinda heading in a good place with this dog, didn’t mean the mutt was off the hook for eating and peeing on hundreds of dollars worth of her weaves.

In fact, the thought made Mercedes’ nose scrunch a bit in annoyance, moving her hand away. McConaughey looked at her for a moment before seemingly shrugging it off and heading back to Sam. Mercedes stood up and headed for the stairs, only slowing her stride when Sam’s voice called out. “I’m the gonna check the windows and doors. I’ll be right up,” he said softly.

And Mercedes nodded before continuing on her way. 

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How you just gonna steal other folks photo set? It’s not like it happened once it’s a repeated thing. I’m sure they worked hard on those gif sets for people to enjoy. Not to steal.